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where inspiration, through participation, ignites transformation
Relevant | Purposeful | Practical
Event Information
Activities of common interest, purposefully leveraged, can open a natural door for dialogue from which to ignite lasting impact. As an organization who labors daily for those affected by trauma, you have the most unique voice into those you serve. Yet a spark from outside, when tailored to complement your mission, holds within it a catalyst for change. Together we can ignite cycles of hope! Let's get started!

Ignite U1 events provide a unique blend of these three components:
1) Active Participation that introduces proven principles for championship success
2) Purposeful Dialogue that inspires lasting hope through relevant voices of experience
3) Practical Application that invites inspiration to give birth to transformation

Our aim is to complement your mission to support those affected by trauma.
Our objective is to empower our attendees and affect lasting impact.
Our goal is to ignite generational cycles of hope.
Our victory is in your success.

"Event now, months later, our moms are still talking about the principles you taught us in those simple activities! We cannot wait for our next Ignite U1 event."
~ Ms. Pam Perry ~ HOPE Farm, Fort Worth, TX
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What To Expect
Whether it's two hours or two days, our unique three-part blend is tailored to complement your mission. We ignite so that you can burn even brighter!

"You had the full attention of our boys the entire time, and that's not easy to do!"
Sacher Dawson - Executive Director, HOPE Farm, Fort Worth, TX
Active Participation
Our events begin with engagement in activities that may include skill development, group dynamics or team builders. Each activity is embedded with inherent principles that parallel those conducive to life success and encourage practical application.
Purposeful Dialogue
"Real talk" delivered through carriers of hope who have triumphed over trauma, offers transparency, empowerment, challenge and encouragement. Our dialogue phase is tailored to complement your focus and to parallel your mission for lasting effect.
Practical Application
Our third and final phase sends our attendees out having been empowered with success principles and equipped with strategies that, if applied to life, can enhance one's pursuit of inherent purpose.
Ignite U1 does not in any way make medical or psychological claims, advise as medical professionals or in any way suggest Ignite U1 to be a treatment alternative. For all issues related to mental health, attendees should seek appropriate professional, licensed expertise.
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What Others Have To Say
Real People | Real Talk | Real Impact
Noble Crawford, Jr.
Co-Founder, HOPE Farm
"Katie's story is not a black or white story nor a male or female story. It's a human story. The tools of sports activities and testimonials that Ignite U1 uses to ignite you to go to the next level are very effective particularly because sports and recreational activities are a universal language that provides entrée into the lives of those who have experienced trauma or who lives on the margins of life. It's a setup to introduce the Truth into their lives and no one does that better than Ignite U1." Read full endorsement here.
Heather Davis
Artist & Designer | Ignite U1 Partner
Helping my kids was one of the critical ingredients in getting my own life back on the right path to reentry after incarceration. Sports and the support system it provides is what propelled my children to success during the time I was unable to be there for them physically. I am now a successful small business owner, and thankfully my kids are well on their way to productive careers within their respective professional fields. I refused to allow my incarceration to become a cycle, and I believe firmly that a program like Ignite U1 is very much needed to help moms like me and keep kids from falling thru the cracks.
James Henderson
Motivational Speaker | Ignite U1 DFW Teammate
When I had the chance to sit down and speak with Judy & Katie about a doing something that would directly impact teens (guys and girls) that have gone through trauma, addiction, and abuse, I knew right away. "Your BluePrint Life" had the potential to be in a supporting role with Ignite U1. Since our goal is to establish a foundation to which a beautiful life can be built on. Even after a setback in life. The fact that you hold the blueprint means it can be rebuilt. So I'm thankful for Ignite U1 giving me this opportunity I hope others will also join and support the Ignite U1.
Ms. Pam Perry
Mothers Resource Coordinator | HOPE Farm
"These two women came from totally opposite lifestyles; yet, they are woven together to never be broken! With the women, there were streams of laughter, joyful giggly acceptance and affirmation from the participants! It was like turning a page in time into a new chapter called 'sisterhood!'"
Jacky Toruño
Nicaragua National Team Athlete | Ignite Participant
Every time I return to my country, I meet someone else whose life has been touched by Ignite. I've often said that if we had more "Ignites" around the world, we could change the world. Now that I live in the USA and see the issues here, I believe that even more. I lost a close friend to overdose, and I can only wish a program like Ignite U1 was available for her. I believe she could have found hope, like I did, through Ignite. I am so thankful that others will be saved when they see role models like Katie who went through the same hard things and are using it to change lives.
Jamie Scherb
Collegiate Athlete | Ignite Participant
When I learned that my team and I would spend a day with teens (guys and girls) who have gone through trauma, addiction and abuse, I knew I had to step up and share my story with them. Even though I struggled sometimes to find purpose for my own hard times, having the chance to encourage others through Ignite opened my eyes. For the first time I realized that maybe I had been allowed to go through my pain so that I could bring hope to someone else. It was a freeing experience for me, and I'm so thankful Ignite helped me see there is a bigger picture. I hope many will join and support the Ignite U1 program.