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"When you have come through to the other side and you see someone else's life change because of your journey, in that moment....though you may have walked through the darkest of hell, you will realize that in the end U 1". ~ Ignite You First | Ignite U1

That is our end goal. As an organization who labors daily for those affected by trauma, we know that is also yours. A spark from the outside can ignite lasting impact and enhance your efforts!

Let's do this together!

The universal language of sport creates instant rapport! Athletes have influence. Simply put, people love to play. Likewise, common interests such as music, dance and art encourage expression and activate imagination. When purposefully leveraged, these activities open the door for dialogue from which to ignite hope for lasting impact. Let's IGNITE hope together!

Ignite U1 events impact lives in these three ways:
1) Constructive release through interactive, relational participation
2) Purposeful dialogue led by those whose relevant experience inspires hope
3) Activity-related principles that parallel life and, if applied, empower success

Our aim is enhance your organization's effort to support those affected by trauma.
Our desire is to create enjoyment through participation and empowerment through real talk.
Our goal is to ignite generational cycles of hope through the inspiration of overcomers.
Our victory is when you can say to your program participants, "in the end...U 1".
About The Program
Whether it's two hours, two days or two weeks, these core elements of an Ignite You First event will be tailored to our participating organizations.
Relational Participation
Our team builds rapport quickly with attendees through engagement in activities that may include skill development, group dynamics or ice breakers. Each activity is embedded with principles that parallel those conducive to life success and that support the dialogue to come through those who will speak. The activities are the "setup".
Purposeful Dialogue
The power of understanding cannot be overstated. Understanding delivered by carriers of hope who have felt the pain of trauma yet now walk in freedom offer a power far greater than just any ordinary speaker. Those who have gone, or are going, through trauma need the inspiration of others who can relate, who have walked in their shoes, and who have found victory. The dialogue segment of an Ignite U1 event will include: Transparent, personal testimonials; empowerment through relevance; challenge through "real talk"; and Q&A.
Practical Application
We are not medical or psychological professionals and we do not give advice as such. There is empowerment through the application of skill-development principles that parallel the journey of life. Attendees will be presented with activity-related ideas, values and strategies that, if applied to life, can enhance one's journey pursuit of freedom.
What Our Participants Have To Say
Hear from those whose lives have been touched by the Ignite impact
Heather Davis
Artist & Designer
Helping my kids was one of the critical ingredients in getting my own life back on the right path to reentry after incarceration. Sports and the support system it provides is what propelled my children to success during the time I was unable to be there for them physically. I am now a successful small business owner, and thankfully my kids are well on their way to productive careers within their respective professional fields. I refused to allow my incarceration to become a cycle, and I believe firmly that a program like Ignite You First (Ignite U1) is very much needed to helps moms like me and keep kids from falling thru the cracks.
Jacky Toruño
Nicaragua National Team Athlete | Participant
Every time I return to my country, I meet someone else whose life has been touched by Ignite. I've often said that if we had more "Ignites" around the world, we could change the world. Now that I live in the USA and see the issues here, I believe that even more. I lost a close friend to overdose, and I can only wish a program like Ignite U1 was available for her. I believe she could have found hope, like I did, through Ignite. I am so thankful that others will be saved when they see role models like Katie who went through the same hard things and are using it to change lives.
Jamie Scherb
Collegiate Athlete | Participant
When I learned that my team and I would spend a day with teens (guys and girls) who have gone through trauma, addiction and abuse, I knew I had to step up and share my story with them. Even though I struggled sometimes to find purpose for my own hard times, having the chance to encourage others through Ignite opened my eyes. For the first time I realized that maybe I had been allowed to go through my pain so that I could bring hope to someone else. It was a freeing experience for me, and I'm so thankful Ignite helped me see there is a bigger picture. I hope many will join and support the Ignite U1 program.
James Henderson
Motivational Speaker | Partner
When I had the chance to sit down and speak with Judy & Katie about a doing something that would directly impact teens (guys and girls) that have gone through trauma, addiction, and abuse, I knew right away. "Your BluePrint Life" had the potential to be in a supporting role with Ignite U1. Since our goal is to establish a foundation to which a beautiful life can be built on. Even after a setback in life. The fact that you hold the blueprint means it can be rebuilt. So I'm thankful for Ignite U1 giving me this opportunity I hope others will also join and support the Ignite U1.
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