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Workshops that deliver reachable hope through relevant principles for real results
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Proven success principles delivered in the language most universally embraced and through the relevant voices of everyday heroes
With our women, who are all single moms with sons at significant risk of gang and drug involvement, there were streams of laughter, joyful acceptance, and needed affirmation! It was like turning a page into a new chapter!
Ms. Pam ~
Mothers Resource Coordinator
Fort Worth, TX

Domestic violence

At-risk Teens | Women
Family Breakdown
Teen Pregnancy
Terminal Illness

Parental Incarceration
Reentry |Recidivism
Tragic Loss | Injury

Sex Industry
....and more, just ask us!

Why Choose Ignite U1?
"We absolutely loved our time with you! It deeply touched the hearts of not only our moms but also the staff and volunteers." ~ Mary's Home, CO
High Quality
To ignite hope is what we do. Lasting impact is our core, and excellence is our way. Organized, prepared, professional and above all - effective. For us, it's about you first! Go figure.
Unique Relevance
Our commitment is to complement your existing focus. To that end, we constructing our event team with you in mind to ensure that the experience will ignite your ongoing impact.
Great Communication
Our leaders are always ready to answer questions. We are proactive in communicating with you and your team through every step of the process. Your impact is our heartbeat.
Individual Approach
Effectiveness requires a principled, customized approach for every agency partner. Our dedication to your long-term work will be reflected by our attention to detail in team preparation.
Great Value
Our desire is to work with you to create a tailored experience that fits your budget and meets the need for lasting hope. With attention to detail, we complement your ongoing efforts.
Effective Services
Your Ignite U1 LIVE Experience will be inspiring, empowering, and most importantly....effective. Our objective is to ignite the pivot as you lead your audience to life transformation.
Ready to get started?
Together we can break cycles of trauma.
"Ignite U1 made a significant impact on the HOPE Farm family, igniting the resolve of our boys to look forward and not backward; igniting our moms who still face trauma as they struggle to be good moms while continually dealing with personal challenges. But Ignite U1 is no stranger to encouraging those who need a fresh perspective."
Noble Crawford, Jr

Co-Founder | Hope Farm (TX)
Frequently Asked Questions
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Who is Ignite U1?
Ignite U1 is an education-based initiative of Ignite International, Inc. whose mission is to empower and equip teens and adults who are caught in cycles of trauma with relevant principles and practical tools to overcome their trauma and to ignite generational cycles of hope. Ignite U1 Live attendees benefit from over 30 years of dedication to personalizing the application of relevant principles that have produced countless champions, packaged in a practical format that delivers reachable hope. It's where inspiration invites transformation. It's where we break cycles of trauma and ignite generational cycles of hope!
What can we expect from an Ignite U1 Live program?
Each Ignite U1 program is customized to maximize effectiveness. Our packages may include workshops, seminars, or boot camp-style activities. All Ignite U1 LIVE programs include coaching fundamental skills and showcasing extreme journeys of overcomers whose relevant experiences offer reachable hope and ignite real transformation.
What are the benefits of hosting Ignite U1 LIVE?
Ignite is a proven partner who bridges diverse demographics through a language commonly understood and delivered by those who understand. The activities introduced by Ignite U1 are a setup for Truth delivered in a way that is relevant, reachable, and produces real results. There are clear benefits to inviting Ignite U1: 1) Third-party edification is valued in any industry. We embrace the role of a complementary voice to your day-to-day impact, 2) We ignite encouragement for your staff, 3) The impact will last. Long after we are gone, your attendees will remember the simple, practical lessons they have learned! Plain and simple - the language of sport is universal and it works! It's the craziest thing ever - but it works!

Will Ignite U1 LIVE be worth it?
ABSOLUTELY YES! In fact, if history is any indicator your attendees will not only want us to return but you'll be recommending us to others!! For us, it's all about our relationship with you because relationship is the foundation of sustenance. And your impact is indeed our heartbeat! We are so sure of the value of our unique message, blend, and delivery that we even offer a way that you can get our programs absolutely FREE. Yes, FREE. Ask us how!
What is the goal of an Ignite U1 LIVE program?
Our goal is simple....to come alongside YOU and complement your focus in a way that is relevant, reachable, and provides real results. You work tirelessly to lead your audience from A to Z on the journey toward overcoming. But before they even get to A, they must experience a spark point of decision where change begins. We ignite the spark point.
What results can we expect to see?
The most credible marker we have is the post-event feedback from agency partners and attendees. Our experience is consistent that even months after hosting an Ignite U1 workshop, we still get messages from attendees expressing the life impact they experienced. While metrics and data certainly have value, the reality is that transforming a life can't actually be measured in numbers - and transformation is only quantified with time.
Why should we choose Ignite U1 over others?
We all know there are many GREAT programs out there doing GREAT work. To us, it's not a competition. We won't turn life impact into a "who's better than who" just to get a gig. What we will do is state our uniqueness, and let you be led to the right decision for your audience. Our Ignite U1 teams span the entire spectrum from life's goodness to life's harshest hardships, giving us a unique and very personal relevance within any context.

As an Ignite U1 agency partner, you benefit from Ignite International's 17-year proven record of excellence, integrity, and global impact through the universal language of sport. We understand the uniqueness of our blend and embrace the rarity of the gift we steward. Paths of such opposite origin don't typically intersect, much less so randomly and divinely converge as a catalyst for change. The bond in our leadership is unbreakable - between one whose life impact has led to her induction into four halls of fame and one whose journey through the harshest of trauma has been exposed to millions, as a feature story by both Dateline NBC and Killer Affair - Oxygen Network. The relevance we bring is unique. The application we personalize provides your audience action steps rooted in proven championship principles. Your success is deeply personal to us. We proceed accordingly.
How much does Ignite U1 cost?
Our Ignite U1 LIVE programs are tailored to meet the needs of a wide array of agencies. We understand budget constraints, we live with them too. We would be honored to discuss options, to customize a quote based on your unique needs and how we can meet them. And we even have a way to help you host Ignite U1 LIVE at no cost. That's right, read it at again. At no cost. Feel free to submit a BOOKING INQUIRY to get started.
What about COVID? Is Ignite U1 LIVE available virtually?
ABSOLUTELY YES, as we navigate considerations related to the pandemic, Ignite U1 LIVE is also available through a virtual experience. While we PREFER to meet you and your audience in-person, the reality is the needs are increasing and the effects will last long after COVID-19 is a thing of the past. We refuse to sit back and do nothing when we hold the hope someone is crying out for. Let's package a tailored, impactful, virtual experience to complement your ongoing efforts! Let's start the conversation - we will ignite hope!
Ignite U1 is not a substitute for medical or mental health professionals nor do we suggest Ignite U1 to be a treatment alternative. All attendees should seek appropriately licensed medical and/or mental health expertise in accordance with the policies and procedures of the host agency.
This was a beautiful gathering. There just aren't words to describe it. Wow!
~ Angela R. | Mary's Home, CO ~