Program At-A-Glance


Need A Speaker?
Our lead speakers are real people who have been through real adversity, made real mistakes, and have experienced real transformation. Proof that you don't have to have a big name to make a big impact and change really does begin when you ignite you first.

Our topics range from prevention to recovery so that we ignite hope, unlock belief, and invite the audience to discover hidden purpose even in painful steps.

Your audience, large or small, will leave inspired and empowered because overcomers who have "been there" share how to "get there"! Reachable hope.
Interactive Workshops
Our workshops deliver a unique blend of interactive participation, relevant "real talk" and personalized application of winning principles.

Your audience will be equipped with practical skills, delivered through activities that are, quite frankly, fun! They will be empowered and challenged through relevant "real talk", and equipped as we personalize the application of practical skills. Let's get started!
Multi-Day Experience
We will customize a "sports-camp-style" approach that targets the needs your audience faces most. That doesn't mean it has to be a sports camp, although we love those - that blend of interactive participation with coaching and application!!

We will customize your experience to target and meet the needs your group faces. And your audience will leave having been ignited with reachable hope through this immersive, intensive experience!
Awareness + Action
Everybody loves "raising awareness" for a cause. We get it! But you know what? Not one life has ever been saved by awareness alone. In reality, awareness without action is meaningless!

When you support or participate in an Ignite U1 Blitz or a Mud Run or our other events, you not only help us expose the destruction of trauma, but you're helping do something about it! Let's GO!
Join The Team
Want to make an impact? Love to serve? Have professional skills that can help us ignite hope for those in the most need within your community? Are you an extreme overcomer with a clean slate and a team-first commitment? If so, let us get to know you as we position our team across the USA.

Nothing is impossible.....together. And together we can take steps to heal our land.
Got questions? Check our FAQs!
Ignite U1 is not a substitute for medical or mental health professionals nor do we suggest Ignite U1 to be a treatment alternative. All attendees should seek appropriately licensed medical and/or mental health expertise in accordance with the policies and procedures of the host agency.