"A human life is a single letter in the alphabet. It can be meaningless. Or it can be part of great meaning." ~NY Herald Tribune ~
Connecting overcomers with those striving to overcome.

As an athlete, you speak the language that bridges all demographic divisions. You hold an insanely unique ability to open ears, minds, and hearts - the secret sauce to instant rapport. Your community needs you. Your world needs you.

Not an athlete? No problem! Do you have a journey that needs to be shared? By connecting extreme overcomers with those striving to overcome, we deliver an effective message through the dedicated voices of those whose relevant experiences offer reachable hope and ignite real transformation.

Are you compassionate? Clean? Committed? Let's start the conversation!
We NEED your help!! September 18, 2021, our Ignite U1 DFW Team will take to the MUD to not only raise awareness but to raise funds to take action and destroy the cycles of trauma!

When you donate, you become part of the solution by enabling us to ignite hope teens and adults in Dallas-Fort Worth, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Colorado, and for many from coast to coast!

The needs are urgent - Your support could literally SAVE LIVES!
Join our DFW Team in raising awareness and taking action to destroy trauma!
Make a difference by inviting others to ignite hope!

It takes a total team effort to build a championship program. From the court to the bench to the front office, every role contributes. Similarly, your part in our team helps in delivering the fundamental life skills conducive to transformation and the tools that lead to long-term recovery.

As an MVP Ambassador, you help break the cycles of trauma by inviting influencers, in-person or online, to "ignite" our movement as financial supporters.

Will you help us break the cycles of intergenerational trauma?
A sudden, energetic, and concerted effort, typically on a specific task.

The Ignite U1 Blitz is a 90-minute energized, concerted, non-intrusive system to raise funds so that we can ignite hope for those who are at greatest vulnerability to the effects of intergenerational trauma.

For a small gift of time (for real - 90-minutes!!) you can be part of the team in a fun, social, noninvasive experience and "ignite" US to ignite hope for others from the palm of your hand.

Join us OR make an even greater impact as a Blitz host! Contact us for details.