Volunteer Application
Thank you for your desire to be a part of the solution!!
We look forward to helping you find the most fulfilling role in your desire to be part of the solution.
Step 1: Submit the Volunteer Application
We take seriously the mission to which we are dedicated, as well as your desire to be a part. Each member of our team has a passion for and skills needed to help us ignite hope for those facing adverse experiences. We really love what we do, and our volunteers have to have an "others first" heartbeat.
Interview(s) with Ignite Leadership Team
You'll meet first with the Founder and President of Ignite International, Inc. When determined that you are a good fit with our mission-driven objectives, we'll proceed in getting to know the Ignite U1 leaders.
Volunteer Orientation
When your application is approved and we have agreed on the most effective (for us) and fulfilling (for you) role you can fill, you'll be invited to our Volunteer Orientation to complete the onboarding process!
Welcome To The Team
At this stage you will be welcomed as part of our volunteer corp and we get started making an impact to ignite generational cycles of hope together!! We are SO enormously thankful for you!!