Are you tired of seeing lives lost to overdose, addiction, abuse, incarceration, and a gazillion other effects of trauma? Do you wish you could make an impact but you don't know how? Do you want to bring awareness, but you recognize awareness by itself changes nothing, and you don't know how you can actually help? You've come to the right place.
When you host or sponsor an Ignite U1 Awareness & Action event, you're not just drawing attention to important issues, but you actually part of the solution. While awareness is important, we've come to understand that awareness without action accomplishes nothing. Millions of Americans live every day haunted by the indiscriminate effects of trauma. It doesn't matter what zip code you live in, what kind of car you drive, or how much is in your bank account -- at the end of the day, everyone looks the same covered in mud.
When you help us raise funds by helping raise awareness, you enable our team to GO into the spaces where those needs most passionate for you can be addressed. We will invest ourselves in getting to know your passion so we meet your desired impact. Your partnership is vital to delivering transformation that lasts. And that is our goal.

We are always looking for projects to support with our workshops and speakers. Your interest in igniting hope in darkened spaces combined with our ability to do so is a magical combination. We encourage you to contact us with your interest in hosting or sponsoring an event. Next, we will set up a 15-minute discovery call to determine if we are a good fit for each other.
Get Muddy:
The annual MudFactor 5K is a true reflection of both adversity and the human ability to overcome. Real obstacles, real dirt, and all the nastiness of life wrapped up in a 5K run/walk. Join our team and do the Mud Run with us in Dallas, TX or host us and we'll come to you! Together we can raise awareness about the destructive cycles of intergenerational trauma, and more importantly we can do something about it.

Everyone looks the same covered in mud - and everyone can step under the same firehose to get washed off! Joining us for a Mud Run or hosting one in your geographic area will inspire you to experience the nastiness of life, empower you to overcome the slippery slope, and remind you that even through the nastiness of life, you've always got a team that will stick out a hand and pull you through to a successful life. :

  • Everyone looks the same covered in mud: Trauma does not discriminate.
  • The same firehose washes it all off: Your support system is everything.
  • Overcoming the slippery slope: The power of a firm first step
  • The nastiness of life: The right team lends a hand and pulls you through.
  • Ignite you first: It's where change begins
What People Are Saying
  • Zoey Schwolert
    Director of Marketing & Outreach
    Roots Renewal Ranch | TX
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! The girls were truly moved by you all. The ability to relate and get through to even our toughest clients. It was incredible to see the girls' faces as Katie talked. They felt seen, and it was so special. The vulnerability of Katie, and the Q&A at the end. It was great to see how many questions and comments our girls had. They were so invested. You all give the clients a space to be vulnerable, be seen, and have hope for a brighter future. I am honored to have witnessed such a powerful night and so excited for the lives we can make a difference in, TOGETHER.
  • Noble Crawford
    Co-Founder | Hope Farm | TX
    Ignite U1 is no stranger to encouraging those who need a fresh perspective. Katie's story is not a black or white story, nor a male or female story. It's a human story.
    The tools of sports concepts and testimonials that Ignite U1 uses to ignite you to go to the next level are very effective particularly because sports and recreational activities are a universal language that provides entree into the lives of those who have experienced trauma or who live on the margins of life. It's a setup to introduce Truth into their lives and no one does that better than Ignite U1.
  • Tonya Miller, EdS
    Counselor, TCSS Academy | AL
    This organization would be very beneficial to any type of alternative school setting. The population of students we serve are those who have mental health diagnoses and/or have made poor choices that resulted in disciplinary action. A large majority of our students have experienced extensive trauma in their lives, much like Katie. Katie's story resonated with both our students and faculty. Sharing her story of overcoming obstacles and never giving up hope gave our students motivation to overcome their own obstacles and trauma. The experiences, strategies, and level of understanding these ladies bring to the table is unmatched.
You can help ignite hope.
"We absolutely loved our time with you! It deeply touched our hearts, not only our moms but also the staff and volunteers."
Angela ~ Mary's Home | CO