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Delivering reachable hope
through relevant voices for real results
With our women, who are all single moms with sons at risk of gang and drug involvement, there were streams of laughter, joyful acceptance, and needed affirmation! It was like turning a page into a new chapter!
Ms. Pam ~
Mothers Resource Coordinator
Fort Worth, TX

Domestic violence

At-risk Teens | Women
Family Breakdown
Teen Pregnancy
Terminal Illness

Parental Incarceration
Reentry |Recidivism
Tragic Loss | Injury

Sex Industry
....and more, just ask us!

Here's What You Get:
"We absolutely loved our time with you! It deeply touched the hearts of not only our moms but also the staff and volunteers." Mary's Home, CO
High Quality
To ignite hope is what we do. Lasting impact is our core, and excellence is our way. Organized, prepared, professional and above all - effective. For us, it's about you first! Go figure.
Professional Approach
Real impact requires principled, experienced attention to every agency partner. Our intentional commitment to your long-term work will be reflected by our dedication to detail in preparation.
Eager Communication
Our leaders are always ready to answer questions. We are proactive in communicating with you and your team through every step of the process. Your impact is our heartbeat.
Unique Relevance
Your impact is our starting point. From beginning to end, we select our team and build the workshop agenda to ensure that our relevant experiences will inspire reachable hope and ignite real transformation.
Elite Experience
Katie and my combined experience - network of relevant journeys
Global Network
vast, wide, experienced, elite, professional network of overcomers
Effective Services
Your Ignite U1 LIVE Workshop empowers, equips, engages, and most importantly....is effective. Our objective is to ignite your audience for the empowerment and development of others.
Great Value
Our desire is to work with you to create a tailored experience that fits your budget and meets the need for lasting hope. With attention to detail, we complement your ongoing efforts.
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"Ignite U1 made a significant impact on the HOPE Farm family, igniting the resolve of our boys to look forward and not backward; igniting our moms who still face trauma as they struggle to be good moms while continually dealing with personal challenges. But Ignite U1 is no stranger to encouraging those who need a fresh perspective."
Noble Crawford, Jr

Co-Founder | Hope Farm (TX)
This was a beautiful gathering. There just aren't words to describe it. Wow!
~ Angela R. | Mary's Home, CO ~