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Who We Are
Ignite U1 is an education-based initiative overseen by Ignite international, Inc. that confronts the epidemic of trauma facing our next generation through the practical application of championship principles delivered through active engagement and by voices of those with relevant experience.
Our Mission
To empower and equip teens and adults caught in the cycle of trauma with relevant principles and practical tools to overcome their trauma and ignite generational cycles of hope
Our Vision
To break cycles of trauma and ignite generational cycles of hope
Our Why
Because no young person should grow up feeling they have been left to figure out life alone
Ignite U1 events are tailored to meet the unique needs and objectives within each context, and to ignite hope through these three ways:
Active Participation
to ignite rapport with values-focused, event-specific experiences
Relevant Dialogue
"real talk" led by those with experiential relevance
Practical Application
championship principles that invite inspiration to give birth to transformation
Our Leadership Team
From a random convergence of paths of opposite origins began a like-minded, purposeful mission with a uniquely unified, shared message to ignite hope.
Judy Fox
President, Ignite International, Inc.
Judy is the face of Ignite International, Inc. and the primary voice of our brand. She brings 30 years of impact through the platform of sport as evidenced by her induction to four halls of fame. Judy's expertise in planning, organization and detail is complemented by her unique ability to establish and sustain meaningful alignments toward longterm effectiveness. If you would like to get involved with Ignite U1 or to request information, send Judy an email.
Katie Phipps
Director of Strategy, Ignite U1
Katie is the inspiration behind Ignite U1. She brings professional expertise to both our program content and overall growth strategies. She delivers hope to our audience through the voice of experiential relevance. Katie provides primary oversight to the selection process of guest speaking candidates for Ignite U1 events and to the standards to monitor and analyze their effectiveness to ensure adherence to the Ignite U1 vision. See Katie's full bio here.
"The paradox of trauma is that it has both the power to destroy and the power to transform and resurrect."
~ Peter Levine ~
Meet Katie
Director of Strategy
Raised in a fatherless home with her only consistent mentors the harsh trio of trauma, trial, and error, Katie Phipps personifies the power to overcome. As her mother strove through severe addiction and alcoholism, Katie endured unrelenting trauma. As a teen, while her peers prepared for college, Katie prepared to raise her second child. In her twenties life went for the jugular as Katie was wrongfully charged with a significant crime. She spent 15 months in jail insistent of her innocence until evidence the prosecution was sure would lead to her conviction, instead affirmed her insistence. Destiny would not be denied. Katie was released.

This chapter of life, though excruciating, led Katie to an intersection with purpose and birthed a new future. Just over four years removed from that jail cell, though having dropped out of school in junior high, Katie broke a generational barrier as the first person in her family line to earn a college diploma. She holds a degree in Legal Studies and aspires toward law school and a career in criminal defense. The prosecutor who charged Katie has not only emphatically and very publicly apologized, but has also offered compelling support toward her aspirations. Katie's case has been featured by Dateline NBC and Killer Affair - Oxygen Network.

The epitome of a life redeemed, Katie is the inspiration behind Ignite You First. Her experiences offer relevance. Her professional expertise provides strategic leadership. Her authenticity leaves an undeniable impact, and her compassion a residue of hope. Katie is a captivating communicator cased within the beauty of gracious strength. She is the evidence of the paradox, choosing resurrection rather than accepting fate as a statistic.

"Katie's story is not a black or white story nor a male or female story. It is a human story."
Noble Crawford, Jr., Co-Founder of HOPE Farm
"What you wish to ignite in others must first burn within yourself."
~ Aurelius Augustinus ~
Meet Judy
President and Founder, Ignite International
A former NCAA Division I volleyball coach, Judy Fox's 30-year impact through sport is evidenced by her induction into four halls of fame, including: East Stroudsburg Area School District Meritorious Hall of Fame, ESASD Athletic Hall of Fame (Team), Houghton College Hall of Honor, and the National Christian College Athletic Association Hall of Fame. She is a visionary partner to the Nicaragua Volleyball Federation, Nicaragua Olympic Committee, Jamaica Basketball Federation, and youth sport organizations in the Holy Land. She is a personal mentor to hundreds of athletes, coaches and youth.

A personal mentor of many athletes, coaches and youth, Judy's fingerprint extends across generations, cultures, beliefs and nationalities. She has trained sport, youth and community leaders to create and implement programs and events that utilize sport as the tool through which to teach life principles in Nicaragua, Cuba, Liberia, the Holy Land, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Beslan, Sochi and the USA.

Judy is the face of Ignite International and the organizational voice for Ignite U1. Never shy of monumental vision or the work to achieve it, Judy's life reflects a non-negotiable dedication to purpose. Her decades of excellence set the stage upon which she empowers others to become their best.

"In a world of compromise and decaying moral standards, it is refreshing when you come across an individual who has dedicated her life to living at a standard that is high enough for others to look up to, but close enough for them to reach."
Keith and Sara Davis
Former NFL Athlete | 4th Runner-Up Mrs. Texas 2019
The Ignite U1 Story
From opposite origins to a shared mission
The same grace that saves one keeps another
Ignite U1 is the domestic platform of Ignite International, Inc., pairing the application of championship principles with relevant dialogue. Ignite U1 is the result of a random convergence of two paths of opposite origins. Judy's journey is lined with decades of global impact through sport while Katie's with endurance through the storms of life.

Out of the randomness of their introduction has grown not only a profound friendship, but also a shared determination to deliver hope for those affected by the epidemic of trauma. A chain is as strong as its weakest link. Likewise a mission is as strong as its leadership bond. The uniquely unified message of Ignite U1 is evidence to us all that sometimes "same" can be best found in "different".

See the story below...it is, in fact, as randomly divine as it is divinely random.
How Did Judy and Katie Meet?
It was random in every sense of the word. In April 2018, having zero prior knowledge of the case, Judy happened to watch the episode of Dateline NBC that featured Katie's journey. In her words, "In a tv program like Dateline, there is a family who has experienced a tragic loss. Of course I have great compassion toward their reality, but it was the story within the story that wouldn't let go of me...and to this day has not."

A seasoned coach and though her own life would be self-described as "squeaky clean", Judy has mentored many young women through varying crises. As she watched the drama unfold, she found herself "...captivated by the contrast. In the first hour, a young woman was portrayed whose life clearly had been dealt a tough hand. The contrast of that with the inspiring, well-spoken, settled woman of hour #2 was clear evidence to me of the hand of divine purpose on the remarkable individual on my tv screen."

Judy was moved. Inspired. Tears rolled off her face. Since that night she has consistently described Katie as "the most inspiring human being I've ever known." As one who has personally left a historic mark in multiple nations and personally mentored hundreds of athletes and coaches, that is a weighty statement. And true.

Twelve days later, Judy sensed the inner voice of guidance urging her to reach out to Katie. Her message included "...I am inspired by your perseverance" and did not ask for nor expect a response. But within a couple hours, Katie replied. About six weeks later they met, and with time, this unique bond of friendship grew.
How did Ignite U1 start?
Katie had been experiencing both an increasing awareness of the power of hope that she carries and a stirring to share her journey with those enduring similar circumstances to those through which she has come. Meanwhile, Judy had been thoughtfully considering "what is to be" the unique domestic niche, the specific domestic platform, for Ignite International. And then.....another random contact on July 20, 2019 breathed life to the stirring.

This time it was Katie who randomly reached out to Judy and introduced the idea of collaboration. Ideas almost instantly became synergy. Synergy turned into vision. Vision became Ignite You First, otherwise referred to as Ignite U1. Here we are.
What about the name Ignite You First (Ignite U1)?
Katie sent Judy a text message that contained a photo with the following quote by St. Augustine:

"What you wish to ignite in others must first burn within yourself."

By the next morning, Ignite You First was "it" and signifies the following:

  • Before you can ever help someone else, change must take place in you first.
  • You cannot undo cycles of the past. But you can create a new future. It begins with you first.
  • You became what you are because it's the only example you knew, OR you didn't have any example and had to figure out life by trial and error. You can be the example your kids need. It starts with you first.
  • The only reason a possibility even exists to love God is because He loved...you first.
How did it become Ignite U1?
When you have come out the other side, and you get to see your story bring hope to another, in that moment you will find that though you may have walked through the darkest of hell… in the end U 1.

If you didn't catch that, say it again until you do. "...in the end, U 1." (you won)
What We Do
Ignite U1 partners benefit from the proven global impact of Ignite International, Inc, leveraging universal championship principles in alignment with national sport federations, Olympic committees, organizations in youth development, educational and female empowerment initiatives, juvenile correction programs, and others.

Ignite U1 ignites generational cycles of hope through these three ways:
  1. Ignite U1 events
  2. Speaking Opportunities
  3. Strategic Alignments

Ignite U1 events are comprised of three primary components tailored to meet the needs and objectives of each context: 1) Establishing audience rapport through active engagement in creatively customized activities that correlate the universal principles of sport to living a championship life. 2) Attendees are challenged and inspired by purposeful dialogue, "real talk", led by those whose context carries experiential relevance. 3) We close with practical application, relating our success principles to the objectives of your organizational focus, so inspiration can give birth to transformation.

Our Ignite U1 leadership team brings a uniquely unified message connecting contexts of opposite origin to a commonality of relevant inspiration, with a flow of fierce determination that invites each attendee to the understanding that a better tomorrow is possible when you Ignite You First. Click here for event booking requests.

In sport, in business and in life, success ultimately parallels the follow-through, also known as the follow-up. Ignite U1 aligns with entities whose ongoing support programs are proven and effective. By nature of our name, WE IGNITE, leaving both our event attendees and your staff with a fresh fire of conviction, belief and a hope that enhances your ongoing efforts. Our deepest desire is that you burn long and brightly.

"Ignite U1 made a significant impact on the HOPE Farm family, igniting the resolve of the boys to look forward and not backward; igniting the moms by extending to them the same motivation that was given to the boys but intimately tailored to their particular needs. The Ignite U1 team is not a stranger to encouraging those who need a fresh perspective." ~ Noble Crawford, Jr., Co-Founder HOPE Farm

And to think, some of life's best stories haven't even begun ~ Anonymous