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Blending the platform of sport with voices of experience to confront the epidemic of trauma in our youth and ignite generational cycles of hope.

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There is a ruthless epidemic attacking our youth. Its name is Trauma. From the inner city to affluent suburbs, millions of American youth live each day haunted by the effects of the breakdown of the family unit, the emotional and social toll from abuse, neglect and loss, or having a parent incarcerated or trapped in addiction. Traumatized emotions often lead to adverse behaviors with potentially tragic outcomes.

Ignite U1 strikes back at trauma in these three ways:

  • WE GET TO THE ROOTS through interactive events that provide constructive release by leveraging the principles within the universal language of sport that parallel those conducive to a productive life
  • WE PROMOTE GROWTH through purposeful dialogue with those whose relevant experience challenges destructive cycles and inspires hope
  • WE EMPOWER SUCCESS through strategic collaboration with entities who provide ongoing mechanisms toward sustained success
Your support helps us reshape a context of learned responses through activities they love and with voices of those who have been in their shoes.

"You cannot undo the past. But you CAN create a different future. It begins when you IGNITE YOU FIRST" ~ Ignite U
"Each year, the number of youth requiring hospital treatment
for physical assault-related injuries would fill every seat in 9 stadiums
A Generation Under Attack
More than two-thirds of American youth bear scars from trauma they have faced by age 16, leaving them at risk of the toxicity of underlying pain, unspoken fears and undeserved shame.

Increases of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, harm to self and others are reflective of a generation going through life with destructively low self-esteem and lacking a sense of belonging.

Without constructive mechanisms for release, these behavioral responses to trauma will only perpetuate the cycle to future generations. What we see, we become.

This threat calls for action. With your help, we will ignite generational cycles of hope.
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Help us take back our next generation. Join our support team.
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