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What People Are Saying
  • Noble Crawford
    Co-Founder | Hope Farm | TX
    Ignite U1 is no stranger to encouraging those who need a fresh perspective. Katie's story is not a black or white story, nor a male or female story. It's a human story.
    The tools of sports activities and testimonials that Ignite U1 uses to ignite you to go to the next level are very effective particularly because sports and recreational activities are a universal language that provides entree into the lives of those who have experienced trauma or who live on the margins of life. It's a setup to introduce Truth into their lives and no one does that better than Ignite U1.
  • Tonya Miller, EdS
    School Counselor, TSS Academy | AL
    The population of students we serve are those that have mental health diagnoses and/or have made poor choices that resulted in disciplinary action. A large majority of our students have experienced extensive trauma in their lives, much like Katie. Katie's story resonated with both our students and faculty. Sharing her story of overcoming obstacles and never giving up hope gave our students motivation to overcome their own obstacles and trauma. This organization would be very beneficial to any type of alternative school setting. The experiences, strategies, and level of understanding these ladies bring to the table is unmatched.
  • James Henderson
    Ignite Team DFW Captain
    Motivational Speaker, Your BluePrint Life
    When I had the chance to sit down and speak with Judy & Katie about doing something that would directly impact teens that have gone through trauma, addiction, and abuse, I knew right away Your BluePrint Life had the potential to be in a supporting role with Ignite U1. Since our goal is to establish a foundation on which a beautiful life can be built, even after a setback in life. The fact that you hold the blueprint means it can be rebuilt. So, I'm thankful for Ignite U1 giving me this opportunity. I hope others will also join to support Ignite U1.
You can help ignite hope.
"We absolutely loved our time with you! It deeply touched our hearts, not only our moms but also the staff and volunteers."
Angela ~ Mary's Home | CO