Meet Our Leaders

From opposite origins, an introduction our leaders describe as "as randomly divine as it is divinely random" began not only a profound and unbreakable friendship but a shared determination to break the destructive effects of intergenerational trauma and ignite generational cycles of hope.
Judy Fox
"What you wish to ignite in others must first burn within yourself."
~ Aurelius Augustinus ~
A former NCAA Division I volleyball coach, Judy Fox's global impact is evidenced by her induction to four halls of fame: East Stroudsburg Area School District Meritorious Hall of Fame, ESASD Athletic Hall of Fame (team), Houghton College Hall of Honor, National Christian College Athletic Association Hall of Fame. Judy's fingerprint extends across generations, cultures, beliefs, and nationalities. She has trained leaders in more than a dozen nations to empower tomorrow's leaders through the language of sport through national teams, international sports federations, Olympic committees, and values-based NGOs.

Judy's impact is notable in the USA, Nicaragua, Cuba, Liberia, the Holy Land, Jamaica, and Russia, to name a few. She has received service awards from the Nicaragua Volleyball Federation, the Bethlehem Committee of the Palestinian Volleyball Federation, among others. Additionally, the United States Army honored Judy with a Certificate of Appreciation, while naming an outbound flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Kuwait "Operation Ignite" in recognition of Ignite's support of the DFW Military Personnel Assistance Point.

Judy's personal mantra "it's all about relationship" has positioned Ignite International as a trusted visionary partner to leadership and youth development agencies across the globe even as she has personally mentored hundreds of athletes and coaches. Judy is a sought-after speaker for athletic, leadership, and empowerment events. Her ability to connect with audiences of all contexts ignites hope that is relevant, reachable, and real.

Judy is a native of East Stroudsburg, PA, and resides in Dallas, TX. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Houghton College (NY) and a Master of Sports Science from the US Sports Academy (AL).

"In a world of compromise and decaying moral standards, it is refreshing when you come across an individual who has dedicated her life to living at a standard that is high enough for others to look up to, but close enough for them to reach."

Keith and Sara Davis

Former NFL Athlete | 4th Runner-Up Mrs. Texas 2019

Katie Phipps
"The paradox of trauma is that it has both the power to destroy and the power to transform and resurrect." ~ Peter Levine ~
Raised in a fatherless home with her only consistent mentors the harsh trio of trauma, trial, and error, Katie Phipps personifies the power to overcome. As her mother strove through severe addiction and alcoholism, Katie endured unrelenting trauma. As a teen, while her peers prepared for college, Katie prepared to raise her second child. In her twenties, life went for the jugular as Katie was wrongfully charged with a significant crime. She spent 15 months in jail insistent of her innocence until evidence the prosecution was sure would lead to her conviction, instead reversed course. The truth would not be denied. Katie was released.

This chapter of life, though excruciating, brought Katie to an intersection with purpose and birthed a new future. Just over four years removed from that jail cell, though having dropped out of school in junior high, Katie broke a generational barrier as the first person in her family line to earn a college diploma. She holds a degree in Legal Studies and aspires to affect societal change through the field of criminal defense. The prosecutor who could have determined the length of her days has not only emphatically and publicly apologized but has also offered compelling support toward her aspirations.

Katie's case has been featured by Dateline NBC and Killer Affair - Oxygen Network.

The epitome of a life redeemed, Katie is the inspiration behind Ignite U1 (a.k.a. Ignite You First). Her personal experiences offer strategic relevance. But it is her authenticity that leaves an undeniable impact and her compassion a residue of hope. Katie is a captivating communicator cased within the beauty of gracious strength. She is the evidence of the paradox, choosing resurrection rather than accepting fate as a statistic.

On June 1, 2021, Ignite International proudly announced Katie as the 2021 Wynner of the Year. Katie is the inaugural honoree for this highest annual signature award, a component of Ignite's Lori Wynn Legacy Plan.

"Katie's story is not a black or white story nor a male or female story. It is a human story."

Noble Crawford, Jr.

Co-Founder, HOPE Farm