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We empower and equip teens and adults caught in cycles of intergenerational trauma to overcome their trauma and ignite generational cycles of hope.
This is our story...
"The same grace that saves one keeps another."
~ Mike Hayes ~
In 2003, Ignite International set out on a mission to ignite generational cycles of hope one life at a time through the universal language of sport. Having established global impact, our founder sensed there is more to be and to do. The answer was introduced on a normal Friday night in 2018, which turned out to be anything but normal, as a complete stranger walked off her television screen through an episode of Dateline NBC.

Ignite U1 reflects the random convergence of two paths of opposite origin. One is lined with decorated impact, the other with life's harshest storms. They share not only a profound friendship but a unique determination to break intergenerational cycles of trauma and ignite generational cycles of hope.

Audio used with permission from Legacy Films Development, Inc.

For Judy and Katie's full episodes visit MakeUp Lessons For Life.

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I can see the perfect partnership where you're bringing the universal language of sport and then she's carrying the spirit of hope. And then together through Ignite U1, you're going to help break those cycles!"
Sharon Braxton ~ Associate Producer and Host ~ Makeup Lessons For Life
  • Judy Fox
    Founder and President, Ignite International
    Judy is the President and face of Ignite International, Inc. and the primary voice of the brand. Her 30+ years of global impact in sport are evidenced by her induction to four halls of fame. Her expertise in coaching and mentorship complements her innate ability to connect with audiences across a wide range of cultures, belief systems, and generations. For Judy's full bio, click here.
  • Katie Phipps
    Director of Strategy, Ignite U1
    With her journey of enduring hope featured by Dateline NBC and Killer Affair - Oxygen Network, Katie is the inspiration behind Ignite U1. She brings more than three decades of relatable experience to our program content and team growth. Katie's journey is evidence that purpose is sometimes discovered through life's darkest steps. For Katie's full bio, click here.
You don't have to have a big name to make a big impact
and life doesn't have to be prettied up to inspire others.
We provide a platform for overcomers to see others find hope by their willingness to share their journey, even as the journey to overcome is yet in progress, igniting steps toward healing for Speaker and Hearer.
While basic physical needs must be met with physical goods, cycles of trauma are broken as one is equipped with fundamental life skills to pivot. Our team delivers a practical approach to the basic success skills for life.
The language of sport offers universal principles that when applied build champions on the court and in life, can turn setbacks into comebacks and empower underdogs to experience victory over adversity.
Speaker Topics
Overcoming Parental and Teen Addiction
Preventing Gang and Drug Involvement
Education | First Generation Graduate(s)
Trauma Doesn't Discriminate
Fresh Start After Abuse or Homelessness
Breathing After Loss
Living With Anxiety, Depression, PTSD
Finding Justice through Injustice
Overcoming Parental Incarceration
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Character Development
At-Risk Teens and/or Parents
Leadership Development
Staff Development

Community Healing

Bridging Diverse Context

Faith-Based Organizations
Values-Based Organizations

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Multi-Day Events
Group Dynamics
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Relatable voices who ignite reachable hope and invite real transformation, delivered with first-class excellence
Compassionate accountability through voices with relevant experience
Authenticity, transparency, and vulnerability ignites reachable hope
Real people. Real hardship.
Real decisions. Real redemption.
"An individual can make a difference.
A team can make a miracle."
~ Doug Pederson | Superbowl Champion ~
Ignite U1 Team DFW
Former Collegiate Basketball Athlete
Visionary and Author | The Fluttering Fuse
Ignite U1 Team DFW | VIP Partner
Elementary Education Professional
Founder ~ The Phoenix Provision
Ignite U1 Team DFW Captain
All-American Athlete | 2 Halls of Fame
Motivational Speaker Your BluePrint Life
Ignite U1 Team DFW
Former Collegiate Football Athlete
"Harmonie Johnie" | "Mr. Sell Your Home"
Ignite U1 Team DFW
Collegiate Basketball Athlete
Academic Major ~ Behavioral Science
Ignite U1 Team DFW and
Midwest Region Coordinator
University of Michigan ~ Sports Mgmt
Ignite U1 Teammate
An overcomer dedicated to sharing with authenticity that ignites reachable hope
And to think, some of life's best stories haven't even begun.
~ Anonymous ~